Living only 30 minutes from Napa, my wife and I have been thoroughly wrapped up in the wine culture here. Once you've visited a Napa Valley winery for a tasting with friends, you realize there's no turning back. The wine, the food, and the landscape are all captivating. Our goal is to visit as many wineries as possible. Not only do we enjoy the great taste of wine, we find it very interesting to discover the different notes and textures of wine too. -Tim & Becky

Gazela NV

Portugal, Vinhos Verdes
Truely refreshing, low in alcohol 9%, clean, zesty flavors.
Vineyard: Gazela
Color: White
Year: NV
Country: Portugal
Logged on: 2007-04-27
Region: Vinhos Verdes
Alcohol Content: 9
Professional Rating: 88
Professional Rating By: WILFRED WONG
Date Drank: 2007-04-28
Price: $ 7.99
Purchase Location: Wine Shop
Purchase Location Name: BevMo!
Drinking Temperature: 40F
Accompanying Foods: Grilled Salmon, asparagus
Buy Again? Yes


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