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Touquinheiras 2007 Alvarinho

Portugal, Vinhos Verdes, Southern Minho River
cut cork stopper, very dry cork in narrow neck, no dimple
Vineyard: Touquinheiras
Color: White
Year: 2007
Country: Portugal
Logged on: 2010-06-23
Region: Vinhos Verdes
Sub Region: Southern Minho River
Grape: Alvarinho
Alcohol Content: 11.5
Date Drank: 2010-06-23
Price: $ 3.29
Size: Bottle 750ml
Purchase Location: Grocery Store
Purchase Location Name: Big Lots
Taste: Sweet, very floral
Finish: Some tannin, fades fast, a little lingering mineral
Nose: Some citrus
Appearance: Very pale
Positives: inexpensive
Negatives: mild and unnoteworthy
Buy Again? Yes


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