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A Drink to Disenfranchisement | December 16, 3:08 pm | 0 comments

"Instead of offering up a roundup of all things D.C. voting rights as we approach the end of the year (in short: we didn't get any), I'd like to credit the folks at D.C. Vote with a festive and holiday-themed way to get their point across. (These were a hit at their holiday party.)" Source:

Champagne: How to choose new favorites | December 13, 8:14 am | 0 comments

"No type of wine brings out our fear of change like Champagne. It's not just the bubbles: We might grab an unknown bottle of Prosecco or Cava - both efforts with such wild swings in quality that loyalty should be rewarded - but when it comes to the true stuff from France, paralysis strikes. " Source:

Affordable wines in Chronicle top 100 | December 12, 9:07 am | 0 comments

"Want a taste of Top 100 winemaking? Here are some other affordable bottles made by some of this year's top winemakers:" Source:

The Lost Grape of Bordeaux | December 11, 7:06 am | 0 comments

"Carmenère disappeared from France in the 19th century and reappeared in Chile 100 years later." Source:

Conversation Pieces: A compendium of useless yet mildly interesting wine facts | December 10, 7:09 am | 0 comments

"Holiday parties – especially those with crappy food and drink – can really suck. But, like a bird that strategically aims its business at a clean car, a carefully plopped comment can make anyone raise an eyebrow or chuckle to liven the mood. I've compiled a list of completely geeky, useless wine facts to drop on unsuspecting bores, if only to entertain yourself." Source:

Top 100 Wines: From small labels, big flavors come | December 9, 7:10 am | 0 comments

"This year was all about thinking small. As in: small wineries, small vineyards, small amounts of wine. That isn't to say you won't find familiar names among the Top 100 Wines, but much of the most interesting winemaking on the West Coast is increasingly taking place on a small scale. These aren't cult wineries - it's more about vintners who prefer to focus on modest projects they can control from budbreak to bottle." Source:

Taste the wine, not the label | December 8, 7:23 am | 0 comments

"If you grew up in the age of television - and that essentially includes us all - you've probably long since learned not to place all your faith in advertising claims. Yet even the most wary wine lover may overlook the possibility of promotional excess on the back label of our wine." Source:

Read Wine | December 7, 7:22 am | 0 comments

"Some Assessments of my wine reading in 2010 and a look forward to 2011. " Source:

SFMOMA's 'How Wine Became Modern': Drink it in | December 4, 1:56 pm | 0 comments

"Wine Stain. Napa Valley. Golden Chalice. They're paint colors, actually, found in a floor-to-ceiling piece from Berkeley artist Peter Wegner that showcases wine-inspired shades that might be found at Home Depot." Source:

No-stress guide to holiday wines | November 30, 8:31 am | 1 comments

"The next five weeks are wine's silly season, a time when few hands will be without a bottle - for gifts, for parties, for luxurious dinners. Among other things, that means the rules of wine buying are rewritten: We're not just buying for ourselves, which is difficult enough. We're buying for friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances." Source:

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