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Happy Anniversary! | February 2, 12:13 pm | 1 comments

Katie:  Hard to believe, but it's been five years since Jon, Steve, and Katie started Thanks to all our loyal users, new and old! We look forward to another great year filled with wine! Cheers!

Wine shipment bill has support from majority of Maryland lawmakers | February 1, 11:04 am | 0 comments

"Maryland wine lovers may soon rejoice. Legislation that would allow state residents to order bottles of their favorite pinot noir and chardonnay directly to their homes this year has broad bipartisan support from a majority of lawmakers, including some powerful names, in the House and Senate." Source:

Katie:  The article describing the bill can be found here:

Australian winemaker debuts new red wine at Walgreens Drugstores | January 28, 10:54 am | 1 comments

Katie:  Would you buy wine at Walgreens?

Taste the wine, not the label | January 24, 10:08 pm | 3 comments

"If you grew up in the age of television - and that essentially includes us all - you've probably long since learned not to place all your faith in advertising claims. Yet even the most wary wine lover may overlook the possibility of promotional excess on the back label of our wine. Now, a little perspective: This is not a rant, and I'm not likening our friends in the wine-making business to old-style snake oil salesmen. Well, not by much." Source:

Will Napa Valley Cabernet Be Saved By Ranking It? | January 7, 7:26 am | 0 comments

"Recently McCloskey issued a press release that did not get the attention it deserved. In the November press release, McCloskey outlined the coming comoditization of Cabernet Sauvignon. Essentially, he points out that much more Cabernet is being planted around the world. In addition, worldwide winemakers know how to make good wine from this variety. The result is that so much Cabernet Sauvignon is continually being produced around the world that eventually this varietal, like Chardonnay before it, will beome a commodity." Source:

10 most memorable wines of 2010 | January 4, 7:29 am | 1 comments

"2010 was a year with no shortage of chances to drink well. We encountered great vintages from 2008 in Oregon and Chablis, 2007 in Napa and Sonoma." Source:

Completing your wine gifts | January 2, 10:21 am | 0 comments

"So it's coming down to the holiday wire and you need something fast. Anyone can give a bottle of wine and it's a thoughtful gift but how about something little more creative? Give wine AND and something edible to go with it. It will fill out the gift bag or basket and leave them smiling. Eight ways you can stand out amongst the wine gift fray: " Source:

Champagne: you can eat food with it | December 31, 7:05 am | 0 comments

Katie:  Happy New Years!

Good affordable Burgundy. Oxymoron? Not. | December 26, 11:42 am | 0 comments

"A lot of wallet-conscious wine lovers have pretty much written off Burgundy in recent years. All but the most ardent Burg-heads fret about Burgundy's reputation as a wine region that's hard to get to know, broken into tiny parcels of wildly variable terroir and beset by troublesome vintages. And perhaps most important, Burgundy is seen as subject to wild and incomprehensible vintage variation. Best to avoid? It almost sounds so. And yet, if you've ever had the pleasure of tasting a great mature Burgundy, you know you won't die happy until you've had another. " Source:

Party wines: The Chronicle recommends | December 18, 8:12 am | 0 comments

"Last week we found plenty of wines to kick-start holiday festivities (see, but the topic is important enough that it seemed worth adding a few more picks." Source:

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