Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Users page and a moved profile link

We’ve added a users page to the site, which you can now find on the main menu on all the pages. It’s a great place to see who’s new to the site, or even just who’s around. Each user is listed with:

User image
Number of logs
Most recent bottle logged

You can sort the listing based on a few different options on the right of that page.

Location and user image are completely optional in your user profile, but it can add a lot to the site to know someone is from a certain region. And user images really make bottle logs look nice, so I encourage everyone to upload one if they haven’t already!

These optional fields can be found in your profile, which is no longer on the main menu, but now linked from your “my home page.”

More updates to come…soon!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New front page with news and more

If you haven’t been to the site in the last day or so, you haven’t seen the new front page. We’ve added:

- News links from around the web. When we find interesting stories in online newspapers, magazines, or blogs, you can find those linked from our new home page

- A link to some great buys at – right now it’s inexpensive highly rated wines, certainly a fine combination

- Our own picks of individual bottles that we’ve tried and enjoyed so much that we're recommending them to you

We’re still tweaking here and there and we’ll post new updates here as they happen.

Two important things:

1. Please check back often for the latest news on our new front page, you’re sure to find some good reads.

2. Don’t forget to keep logging. We’ve added news, but we’re still logging bottles first!

Thanks! Steve, Katie, and Jon

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Add an RSS feed of logabottle wines to your homepage

Keep track of the latest wines logged at logabottle on your personal homepage. At the bottom of the All Bottle Logs page you can find links to quickly add the feed to your Google, Yahoo or Microsoft homepage. Of course, you can view the feed in any RSS reader if you use something else…

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Finally, French Regions!

After months of researching, writing and editing, we finally uploaded our French Wine Regions reference manual to the Wine Guide this weekend. A handy, concise and organized guide for those of you who are interested in learning a bit more about French wines – or just decoding French wine labels!

We included the regions we thought were both most popular and relevant, but if you have a suggestion for one we should add, please do not hesitate to contact Katie at Next up: California Regions!