Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Search Box and a New Page Layout!!!

I don’t typically use multiple exclamation points in a title, but these two additions to the site are deserving. First the simple (but powerful one):

On your My Home Page and All Logs page there is now a search box on the upper right. You can type in whatever you want to search for about a wine and see the results from all the site users. For example, type in "Cabernet", or "Mondavi 2003 Merlot", or anything. It’s a great way to find new wines and wine notes.

On the results page you can use the "sort and filter" options just like before to search even deeper. The old "sort and filter" may have been a little underwhelming to some, but the combination of "sort and filter" with the new search box is a very powerful tool. You could quickly type in "cabernet Napa" and search, and then from there filter to only see bottles with a grade higher than B+.

On your My Bottle Log Page the search box functions the same but will do a search of just your own log. For example, type in "Best Cellars" to see the wines you’ve bought at Best Cellars, or "white" to quickly see all your white wines.

Now of course the new page layout for all the logs on the site. We’ve never been totally happy with the way the site logs looked but were always very happy with all of the information quickly available because of the format we chose. We feel like we finally have a page layout that still gives all the same information (more in some cases) but looks 100% better.

There are pictures to go with bottles and users now, along with bigger fonts and an overall cleaner, clearer layout. We may still tweak things here or there, but we generally like the way things look now and think you will too. Surprisingly, there isn’t much else to say about this big change.

These two new aspects of the site are, frankly, very exciting. logabottle.com has never looked better or been easier to use.


Katie, Steve and Jon


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