Thursday, May 11, 2006

Add label images to your bottle logs

Now you can add label images from your computer when you log a bottle. You can either add an image at the time you log it initially, or go back and edit your bottle (from "my bottle log") and then add the label image. It is an optional field under "Purchase & Storage."

Important notes –

When you upload a picture, your bottle will be logged as normal and be immediately accessible. The label image you have uploaded will be immediately viewable from your own bottle log ("my bottle log page").

The label will not be viewable on public bottle log pages until it is approved.

Images will typically be approved within 24 hours, often more quickly and occasionally more slowly. You need not do anything special to notify us of your new image, we will see it.

You can upload either a JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) file.

Only upload the label image, not the whole bottle. You can use any photo editing software to crop just the label off whatever picture you take.

When the labels are uploaded they are saved as only medium quality, and their width is reduced to 220 pixels (their height is adjusted relatively). This is done to make sure the images fit in the space on the site, and also to reduce the storage and bandwidth the images take up. If you want to save higher quality label images, you must do so on your own computer!

That's about it. Remember:

1. Upload only the label from a gif or jpg file
2. Your label will be viewable immediately on your own log
3. Once your has been approved it will be viewable on your public log

As always, let us know about any problems you have with this new feature, as well as suggestions and comments. Thanks!


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